Forward replies on your campaigns automatically to a preset email address. Maileon will filter replies by category as much as possible to make sure only manual replies are forwarded - this saves the hassle of deleting absence notifications etcetera.

1. Go to "Settings > Account > Inbox" in your Maileon account

Go to 'Settings > Account > Inbox' in your Maileon account

2. Select Manual reply from the reply mail categories

In the account settings you'll find the Inbox settings

Select Manual reply from the reply mail categories

3. Tick box at Forward

Tick box at Forward

4. Fill your email address

Fill your email address

5. Click "Save reply mail actions"

Save the configured reply mail actions.

Click 'Save reply mail actions'

6. Click "Close window"

Close the current window.

Click 'Close window'

This guide covered setting up reply mail actions in Maileon for effective management of forwarded messages in your inbox.