Learn how to efficiently create backups and versions of your emails using Maileon. From initiating the backup process to restoring emails, this guide will walk you through the necessary steps to safeguard your email data.

Go to www.maileon.com

1. Open the Maileon Apps

Click on the arrow next to Template to open the Maileon Apps.

Open the Maileon Apps

2. Click on "Backups"

Click the selected button

Click on 'Backups'

3. Click "Create backup"

Initiate the backup creation process.

Click 'Create backup'

4. Click "e.g. Version 1..."

Select the specific version or create a new one.

Click 'e.g. Version 1...'

5. Give you backup a name

Enter the details for the email version.

Give you backup a name

6. Add a description

Add a description to the backup version for additional information.

Add a description

7. Click "Add"

Save the new email version.

Click 'Add'

8. Restoring a backup

Restoring a backup

9. Click here

Click the selected option

Click here

10. Click "Restore"

Initiate the email restoration process.

Click 'Restore'

11. Click "BackupsEmail restored successfully."

Confirm successful email restoration.

Click 'BackupsEmail restored successfully.'

This guide covered the process of creating backups and versions of emails in Maileon. From creating backups to restoring emails successfully, you now have the knowledge to manage and protect your email data effectively.