Maileon has an open database, you and your colleagues can see all programs, emails, contact groups. A good naming convention is indispensable when working with Maileon. It helps organize and structure the programs, emails, contacts and media files.

A naming convention can exist of the following components:

  • Date, fiscal year, quarter, month
  • Devision, region, department
  • Client segment or product name
  • Campaign name, email name, contactsegment or mediafile name
  • CRM number
  • etc.

We recommend the use of abbreviations. Make sure all colleagues use the same structure.

Some examples:

The quarterly program from sales = 2022_q4_sls_spring

The emails send in the program = 2022_q4_sls_spring_em1

The contacts for this campaign = 2022_q4_sls_spring_contacts

The asset uploaded in Maileon for this email = 2022_q4_sls_spring_pdf