Contactfilters are an essential part of contact management in Maileon. These filters are used to segment contacts based on Contactfield values or other contact properties.

In the main menu, select Lists & Contacts and continue to Contact Filters. Click the + button and set the name for your filter in the next screen.

The next step is to add a condition to your filter, for example:

This filter will start with 0 contacts and add contacts whose email address contain "", the saved result will look like this:

Of course all Contactfields can be used, as well as response properties, import affiliations, matching Contact Events etc.

After saving, click the refresh icon to calculate the number of contacts matching this filter. The result will auto-update for new contacts, unless you check the fixation option. Also when sending a mailing using this contactfilter, it will actualize the results first.

If a single condition is all you need, you can save the filter and if required, create a Target group based on this filter. A target group is used to dispatch an email mailing to. A Contact Filter can also be used to send a trigger mail to directly.

If you want to add more conditions to specify even further, usually an intersection is used to combine two or more filter conditions:

The overview will show (after refresh) the result of matching contacts after the conditions are applied chronologically. Note the -1, the second condition will subtract one contact to get to the result of two matching contacts: