The contact import report shows more details on an import. 

It shows the user who imported the file and a date. it shows the timing how much time Maileon needed to process this file. And then you see contact import details, which we explain with the following example.

  1. The first number 3.859 shows all contacts that were available in the import file. 
  2.  The zero shows that there were no new contacts for Maileon.
  3. 3,769 contacts are updated in Maileon with new field details or are duplicates. Which means the email address is twice or more times in the list. How many contacts are missing because of duplication is only visible in the contact filter. There you will see the number is lower than this 3,769 contacts.
  4. 90 contacts have not been uploaded the reasons are shown on the next two rules and in the import report you find which contacts they are. 
    • First Maileon shows the contacts which are already known as unsubscribed contacts and therefore not added again.
    • Invalid syntax is the most common error, think of a typo in an email address. Which you can correct and import the contacts again.

The rest of the contact import details, shows the options you have selected in the import process.