Number format

Phone numbers are required to be formatted in the international format. For example: "+3161234578". Maileon will trim spaces before or after the number and replace "00" to "+" if required. Sendout will be filtered to contacts without a phone number in the correct format.

Can we monitor opens and reads?
SMS generally has an open rate of 98% and is usually read within 3 minutes upon delivery. You can expect an sms with the status ‘delivered’ to be read as well. Our SMS are sent directly, without a hub in between which makes our delivery statistics near 100% accurate.

Can we track or monitor sent SMS in Maileon?

We can provide metadata and body on request. Statusreports are transmitted instantly

In terms of GDPR: can contacts unsubscribe? Does this apply to SMS or calls as well?
In some countries an opt-out is required, for instance FR and BE. These are added automatically, for instance: “SMS STOP to xxx”. For BE the sender is automatically changed to a shortcode which receives responses. These responses can be requested through our API. On a preference page setup by Maileon the contact can manage opt-out requests.

Is permission neutral sendout possible for service related SMS?
Yes, this is possible.

Which phonenumber is used as sender and what happens to SMS replies?
You can set a 14-digit code or an 11-letter sender name, but this is not connected to a phonenumber. Replies are only handled for countries that require a shortcode as a sender ID such as BE.

For Kuwait an Dubai additional restrictions apply and a sender ID must be whitelisted for fraude prevention. Contact us before sending to ‘new’ countries to be sure.

Which Marketing Automation events can be used for sending SMS?
Any, such as a download, appointment confirmation, order confirmation, review, notification etc.


What happens if no mobile number is entered in the contacts details?

A contact will be skipped


Should there be a Contact Preference for SMS?

Yes, which should be included in your contactfilter


Where will SMS numbers be reported

At the moment, SMS sendout numbers will be visible in the automation flow


Is a test SMS counted in the Flow totals (Total SMS sendout)?

Yes, test SMS count in the total sent and will be deducted with the available credits


Can fans sign out of receiving SMS?

Through the profile/preferences page


Are links shortened like for instance and tracked?

In a future release: yes


What happens to SMS exceeding day limits? Transported to following day?
No, currently SMS exceeding day limits are skipped.