General information

A contact job runs through your contact database and can carry out various enrichment measures, for example by searching and replacing.

Contact job overview (home page)

Here you get an overview of the previous contact jobs in your account. The name of the job, the job type, the set interval, progress and options are displayed.


Create a new contact job

General job settings

After clicking on this button, the “Contact job creation” menu is displayed. First a name must be entered. Job type: In principle there are 4 job types: Search & replace, contact scoring, delete contacts and unsubscribe contacts:  Interval: Here you set the time intervals at which the contact job should run or whether it should be started manually if necessary. Possible intervals are daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.


Job-specific settings "Find and replace"

Distribution list: use a distribution list to select the number of contacts to be recorded by the contact job. Contact field: Specification of the field that the contact job should check and fill / overwrite if necessary. Further information is now displayed under Field information (eg "Standard contact field, format: text, 64 characters"). An example: not all of your contacts have a value in the "Salutation" field, but they do have this information in the "Gender" field and you would like to enrich your contact base accordingly. After selecting the distribution list, here, for example, “all male contacts” would be appropriate, mark the checkbox “Replace empty or empty field values with field value Mr. ” under Actions"(You may have to create a distribution list for all male contacts beforehand using the" Gender "contact field). Then click on the "Add new action" button if you would like to link further actions to the job. Multiple actions “Replace field value” can be used, but only once “Replace empty or empty field values with field value” (after all, an empty field can be filled with only one value). The job will now, when it is started, fill in all empty fields of the male contacts with the word "Mr." or, if set, replace existing values (ie values in fields with no content).


Job-specific settings "contact scoring"

The scoring is displayed in an asterisk system, for example under “Lists & Contacts - Contact List” or in the contact details view. It provides information about the quality of the contact list at a glance, depending on the response generated and based on Maileon response values. The scoring only takes effect from three valid dispatches, as it would not be very meaningful with 1 or 2 dispatches. Contact field : Select a contact field here that the scoring should refer to or add a new contact field to the account. Valuation basis: "Select here how the affiliation of a contact to a contact filter should be evaluated." You have 3 options: a) The contact filter affiliation results in the fixed score of X% and otherwise X% b) Depending on the contact filter affiliation, the existing score is used increased by X% points or reduced by X% points. c) Depending on the contact filter affiliation, the maximum score of 100% per job run is asymptotically approximated by X%. The percentage values are to be entered in the format 5.0, 100.0, 7.5 etc.


Job-specific settings "Delete contacts" and "Unsubscribe contacts"

Contact filter: a delete or logout job always requires a contact filter as a basis. The contacts in the result set of the selected filter are then deleted or logged off accordingly.