General information

Using the 3 buttons at the top right, you can create a new contact field, update the coverage or delete marked fields. The following is an overview of all contact fields existing in this account. 21 fields already exist by default, whereby the contact field "E-Mail address" is a key field, since without this field or its values, of course, no e-mails can be sent to the contact.

"Contact field" column

The icon in front of the designation of the contact field provides information about the type of field: key field = key symbol, standard field = document symbol with asterisk, individual contact field = document symbol. Key and standard fields cannot be deleted. You can also recognize individual, ie “custom” fields by the fact that there is a checkbox to the left of the respective icon to mark them in order to be able to delete the relevant field. By clicking on the bar symbol on the right, you open the “Value range” window: # : consecutive number Value : the entered value, if available, in the selected contact field. frequency: absolute number, shows how often the respective value exists in your contact database. For example, the value “” in the “Domain” field or “Smith” in the Last name field. Percentage : percentage of the value in relation to the total number of contacts. So if you have 1000 contacts, 50 of whom have Smith in the Last Name field, the value would be 5%. Cumulative : indicates the cumulative frequency for the value.

"Type" column

Shows the data field type of the respective contact field. Possible types are text, whole number, floating point number, date and Boolean (true / false value).

"Coverage" column

Provides information about how many contacts have a value in the respective contact field. At least for the fields e-mail address, e-mail domain and e-mail localpart (the area in front of the “@”) coverage should be 100%. For a personalized salutation, at least gender and surname are required.

"Current" column

Displays the date and time of the last update. Using the brush symbol on the right edge of the screen, you can delete the values of the relevant contact field for all contacts. This does not apply to the basic fields "E-mail address" and "E-mail domain".

"Create new contact field" button

The "Create contact field" menu appears. All you have to do here is enter a name description and the desired field type. Note that for the name, only alphanumeric characters, underscores and hyphens are allowed. Spaces are not allowed.

Depending on the type selected, brief information is displayed below the "Field type" field. For example for the type "floating point number": This field format stores decimal numbers. A price of "4.99" can be used as an example. In addition, logical arithmetic operators are offered within the contact filter (larger, smaller, etc.).  Save the field by clicking on the "Create new contact field" button. The new field is now visible in the contact field management and can be filled with values. This can be done, for example, by importing a contact, which contains the key field "E-Mail address" and the new field, of course filled with the corresponding values. When importing, please ensure that the tablet handling is set to "update existing contacts" (if necessary with the "ignore empty values" option).

Standard Fields

ADDRESSThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
BIRTHDAYAllowed patterns: yyyy-MM-dd and yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
CITYThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
COUNTRYThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
FIRSTNAMEThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
GENDERAllowed values: m (male) and f (female)
HNRThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
LASTNAMEThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
FULLNAMEThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
LOCALEThe value must follow the pattern: xx (example: en) or xx_XX (example: de_DE). "xx" is the two character language code (ISO 639) and "XX" the two character code for the country of the language (ISO 3166). Example: british english is notated as "en_GB" and american english as "en_US". For just marking a contact as english speaking "en" is usually enough.
NAMEDAYAllowed patterns: yyyy-mm-dd and yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
ORGANIZATIONThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
REGIONThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
STATEThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
SALUTATIONThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
TITLEThe length must not exceed 255 characters.
ZIPThe length must not exceed 255 characters.

Organizational standard fields (it is only possible to retrieve them, they cannot bet set explicitly):

PERMISSION_STATUS The permission status can be "available" (permission != none and not unsubscribed) "none" (no permission given) or "unsubscribed".
SENDOUT_STATUSSendout status can be "blocked" or "allowed"