General information

The display is analogous to standard e-mails with a few exceptions: In the workflow for trigger mailings, it is not possible to assign a distribution list, as these e-mails are usually sent individually for a specific contact event or a continuous collective sending. The distribution list is thus determined in advance, since trigger mailings are usually triggered by a specific contact filter. Changes to the content are no longer possible in the “active trigger mailings” menu. Such changes would falsify the reporting results, as some of the recipients would receive different content than the rest of the recipients.

The main difference in the creation of a trigger mailing consists of entering the event in the 5th workflow step " Dispatch logic and approval " (for normal mailings, step 6, labeled " Dispatch "). Here, in the "Type" field, either "Individual dispatch on contact event", "Continuous collective dispatch" or "RSS feed controlled collective dispatch" must be selected:


Settings for trigger mailings

Individual dispatch on contact event

The “DOI link confirmation” event already exists by default, ie the e-mailing is triggered when a recipient confirms the double opt-in link and thus grants permission to send it. Further options would be, for example, canceling the shopping cart (this requires a URL to be transferred via the API, a time stamp is also required), purchasing, participating in a survey, etc. Further information can be found in the Help Center under “Lists & Contacts -> Contact Events”.

Continuous collective shipping

Interval & dispatch : here you can use the selection list to specify whether hourly / daily / weekly / monthly should be sent, then you can set the desired time. Trigger : Either a previously defined contact event or belonging to a previously defined contact filter. Event : Selection of the contact event if the trigger "Event" was selected. Contact filter: the corresponding filter can be selected here for the "Contact filter" trigger. This field is not displayed for the other triggers.

RSS feed controlled collective dispatch

RSS feed url : please enter the url for the desired RSS feed that should ultimately initiate the sending. Then please set the desired dispatch interval. Two further specific fields appear for the “RSS feed” trigger: “Shipping conditions” and “Basic contact quantity”.

Minimum number: Please select the number of new RSS feed entries here that are necessary to trigger a new mailing. The options range from 1 to 10 entries. Article sorting : there are 3 options to choose from:

- Date (ascending or descending)
- Title (alphabetical order, ascending or descending)
- Hyperlinks (ascending or descending)

Basic contact amount

Select the contact filter here that should serve as the base quantity for the dispatch.

Trigger-specific advertising print

Delivery limitation : Here you can choose whether the number of e-mailings to the defined contacts should be unlimited ("none") or limited in time ("maximum ..."). If you select “maximum”, 2 additional fields are displayed where you can enter a numerical value and select an interval (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). This allows you to specify, for example, that a mailing should be sent to the relevant contacts a maximum of twice a week.