Possibilities and customization

With the weather widget from Maileon you can dynamically display weather forecasts in your newsletter based on postcode areas. It is therefore particularly ideal for newsletters for the tourism, travel, leisure and hobby industries and more.

The weather forecast can be designed according to your own wishes and contain any information. For example, you can use individual weather graphics. Furthermore, the weather widget can be used without any problems for Germany and, on request, for other countries, in German and in several languages. Several different profiles can be created and designed. We would be happy to implement the widget according to your wishes and requirements!

Take a look at a live demo version in your browser: https://images.maileon.com/weather/v2.0/weather.php?p=default&zip=63069&lang=de

Weather widgets 

In the basic version, the weather data is available free of charge, but the number of inquiries to the weather service is limited (100 / minute or 60,000 / day). If you need the image files to be updated in real time or more frequently, an extended query service is available for a fee. Of course, you can also provide the required data.


Integration in the newsletter

If you want to use the weather widget, your template needs to be adapted by our Maileon template experts. This extension is chargeable and will be activated on request by our customer service or your partner agency that manages your Maileon account.