General information

Dispatch filters serve to limit dispatches for reporting purposes. The creation takes place in the same way as the contact filter creation. 4 standard dispatch filters are already preset in the account:

  • Shipments in the last 6 months
  • last email sent
  • last 3 dispatches
  • all shipments


Create a custom dispatch filter

  1. After clicking on "Create dispatch filter", a name must first be entered.
  2. Then click the link “Add filter condition” and select a starting quantity (either “0 shipments” or “all shipments”).
  3. The following "quantity operation" is based on the start quantity, with 0 dispatches you can add, with all dispatches you can subtract.
  4. You can now select the selection basis from: Dispatch properties, content of the dispatch, distribution list use or size, dispatch time and response information. Depending on the selected selection basis, additional context-sensitive options are available under “Condition”. For example, it is also possible to filter according to the exact shipping time or a certain period within a day. In this way, reports can be created that provide valuable information about the time at which a mailing is particularly promising.
  5. After selecting a condition, you can save the dispatch filter ("Save filter condition") and return to the "Dispatch filter processing" initial screen, where you can either add further conditions or update the filter result. The update also causes the current coverage to be displayed - i.e. the percentage of your e-mailings that meet the filter conditions. Once the filter has been created, it can be saved by clicking on the “Save dispatch filter” button.