General information

Trusted Shops offers you the opportunity to access your ratings and comments via RSS feeds. The procedure described enables their (native) display in your newsletter. So you can share the positive experience with your prospects or customers. This creates further trust in your products or services and increases your customers' willingness to buy.


The required URL is made up of the following: ZonenMerchantId Genealogie.rss




Improved display

In the content of the RSS items, an HTML article is permanently transferred that shows the rating, headline and the appropriate image. Furthermore, the "Media" extension is used to include a separate image, which Maileon cannot address. In order to be able to design the article according to your own wishes and to be able to use the picture, it is recommended to use an intermediate script that reformats the feed accordingly.

An example script has been implemented here:
ZonenMerchantId Genealogie.rss https: //hosting.maileon .com / service / examples / trustedshops / rsstranslator.php? url = http: //


Optionally, the script can be extended so that, for example, only 4 or 5 star ratings are included and can also be saved directly for each customer after the desired adjustments.


Integration in Maileon template

All items contain a link to the general overview page and the general overall rating. It is advisable to simply get the picture from the first post via URL {{RSS | ITEM | IMAGE-URL}} with a delayed reference. The URL can also be added to the overview page as a link: {{RSS | ITEM | LINK}}.


Example result:

Trusted Shops - Widgets

The following code can be used in the template for the individual comments:

Rating: {{RSS | ITEM | TITLE}}
Stars: [[% if (equals '{{RSS | ITEM | TITLE}}' 'Very good')]] Trusted Shops - very good - widgets[[% else]] Trusted Shops - good - widgets[[% endif]] { {RSS | ITEM | CONTENT}}Date: {{RSS | ITEM | PUBLISHING_DATE | dd.MM.yyyy HH: mm: ss}}


More information

The code for differentiating the evaluation images can first be seen in the editor after filling. However, it is resolved in the preview and also after it has been sent.
If the preview function is used, the mailing is saved. If the articles are filled out, they are also saved in the filled state. It is therefore advisable to first save the article / draft as a template so that the content can later be reset to the not yet filled in status.