General information

A QR code (“Quick Response”) is a two-dimensional code that can be opened using a QR code scanner. Most smartphones already have this function via the integrated camera app, but there is also a large selection of corresponding apps in the respective store of your smartphone. A wide variety of information can be shared quickly and easily without having to enter it manually.



→ Uncomplicated newsletter registration for events
→ Answer event invitations quickly and easily
→ Save contact data directly and conveniently in the contacts of the smartphone



The QR code can be created under Media & Templates> Tools> QR Code Generator. You determine the function of the QR code via the content type. The following content types are available:

→ Appointment
→ Contact information
→ Text
→ Mail address
→ Hyperlink
→ Geographic coordinates
→ SMS phone number

Depending on the content type, the required information must now be entered.


There are also the following settings for displaying the QR code:

→ Size of the QR code
→ Foreground
color or graphic → Background color or graphic
→ Label graphic (from media library)
Insert your company logo into the QR code

If all the required information is available, the code can be generated by clicking on "Generate code".


Use of the created QR code

Saved QR codes can be found under Media & Templates> Media> Media Library in the “QR Codes” folder and can be used like any other graphic in newsletters.


Active use

Scan the QR code using the camera of your smartphone or a corresponding app. The QR code is recognized and opens directly or by selecting the banner, window, or the info message. The exact procedures vary with the respective manufacturers.



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