The Reply inbox records and categorizes all returns from your e-mails. Various actions are possible based on the respective category. In the inbox you will find all the reply e-mails to your e-mail, with the exception of bounce notifications. This includes automatic replies such as an out-of-office assistant or mails sent automatically by the receiving mail server. Manual answers can also be found here. These arise when a recipient replies to your newsletter (click on "Reply"). Using the letter button with a red cross on the right, you can delete entire return categories: Individual return emails can also be deleted. To do this, please mark the checkbox in front of the return item and use the red cross that is now displayed (without a letter!) To delete it: First, the total number of returns is displayed ( returns available). The "Filter" button opens a menu with which you can filter the returns:

Dispatch filter: Here you can choose between no filtering, all dispatches, last 3 dispatches and last emailing sent. In addition, there are self-defined filters, if available (for creation, please read the chapter "Dispatch filters").

Category filter : manual answer, cancellation, registration, confirmation of receipt, out-of-office notice, profile change, provider question and help request.

Sender filter : enables filtering according to sender addresses or domains.

Subject line filter: Here you can filter for expressions in the subject of the return.

Time filter : enables filtering according to the arrival time of the returns (from => to). The latest information is loaded with the "Update" button.

The overview itself offers a checkbox on the left for the selection and processing of these mails, next to which the time of receipt (date and exact time) is indicated. The data in the "Sender & Subject" column, especially the subject, may under certain circumstances provide information about the type of reply email, eg "Absent: ..." or "Automatic reply: ...". In the "Contact & sending reference" column, additional information is displayed, if provided by the receiving mail server, such as the sender address of the responding recipient or the name of the e-mail to which the reply relates. The "Category / Actions" column shows the classification of the reply mails made by the system (e.g. "manual reply" or "out of office notice"), as well as the action which was assigned to the respective type in general or at the individual mail level. If no assignment has yet been made, "no action assigned" is displayed. Below the list you can mark all e-mailings on this page with the checkbox "all returns in this area" and scroll back and forth between the displayed pages if there are more returns than can be displayed on one page.