With Maileon you can now create the countdowns you want for the newsletter even more easily. To do this, select the option "Insert countdown" under "Contents" in the desired article. To use the widget, it is necessary to activate it; in addition, it is currently only available in German.

Countdown widgets 


You now have the option of creating the countdown according to your requirements and design wishes. In addition to the general "Countdown Settings", edit the appearance of the widget under "Background" and "Font formatting".

Countdown Widgets2

Placeholder for the countdown:
day -% D
hour -% H
minute -% I
second -% S

Further information can be found here:

Of course, you can also edit the placeholders for day, hour, minute and second. You don't want to show seconds in your countdown? Then simply delete the placeholder or add it again as you wish. Please note that when selecting a background graphic, PNG files are not currently supported.


Example - countdown in the editor:

Countdown Widgets 3