General information

The image personalization in Maileon enables you to create dynamic texts in the images you want and thus brings even more individuality to your newsletter. In this way you can address your newsletter recipients in a targeted manner and increase the rate of interactions. For image personalization you only need a suitable contact field, which contains the desired dynamic value for each contact.


Applying image personalization

Insert the desired picture in the article editor under Contents> Insert personalized picture in the desired place in the newsletter, see screenshot.

Image Personalization_1 - Widgets

The “Assistant for the integration of personalized images” now opens. You can use it to create the personalization including all the desired settings.

Image Personalization_2 - Widgets


With a click on “Select image” you open the media library and can select or upload the image directly.



If necessary, write the static text in the field provided, then select the dynamic text by clicking on the icon. Here you determine the desired contact field from which the value should be obtained. Optionally, a fallback can be set and different functions can be used for the text display.

Image Personalization_3 - Widgets

Font color

Paste the desired hex color code, for example # f3f3f3


font size

Select the desired font size between 4px to 48px.



Select an available font or access over 1000 Google Fonts fonts. All you need here is the name of the font you want. If this cannot be displayed, Arial is used as a fallback.



Determine the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text.

Example - The most beautiful cafes in the recipient's city:

Image Personalization_4 - Widgets

Select text position

The last step is to determine where the personalized text should be in the image. To do this, click, hold and drag your mouse cursor in the image to create a rectangle that defines the desired position.

Image Personalization_5 - Widgets

Then click on the button “Insert personalized image” and you can text the representation with a click on the preview. Either for the entire newsletter or in the article editor using the preview icon.


Example - The most beautiful cafes in the recipient's city:

Image Personalization_7 - Widgets

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