General information

To create a new newsletter, the desired dispatch template must be selected beforehand. All available dispatch templates are displayed here and you can create your newsletter draft based on your selected dispatch template.


Select delivery template

Dispatch template - mailings


Select this by clicking in the selection field in front of the respective dispatch template. Should you not be able to recognize the correct dispatch template directly, because at first glance, for example, there is no major difference to be seen, you can click on the name of the template and have it displayed in full.


Resource sharing

If the “Resource Sharing” module is activated in your account, you will also have access to an extra folder. This can be used to access and use media elements, article templates and dispatch templates across account limits. In the current step “Dispatch template” you get access to all dispatch templates saved in this folder by clicking on the sharing folder. Have you selected the correct mailing submission, you get down right on "Next" in the next processing step, that the content is edited.