General information

Double opt-in, abbreviated DOI, is a procedure in which the applicant has to confirm his / her identity and registration in a second step. In contrast to the SOI (single opt-in), the DOI procedure is a legally secure method of registering. After registering, the interested party receives an e-mail containing a confirmation link. Registration is only complete after clicking on this link.



The display is analogous to the “trigger mailings”: In the “DOI drafts” area, click on the “Create new DOI draft” button. As with other mailings, the "Basic Settings" mask opens, which is the first step in creating a new mailing. Please note here the section “DOI-specific information”, in which values previously defined in the “Settings” area can be entered or selected: the DOI key and the desired confirmation page and the error page. You can find more information on this in the "Settings" chapter. Furthermore, the 5th step "dispatch" is omitted, as the dispatch conditions are already defined by the type "DOI mailing" (the applicant has clicked the DOI link, sending only to the specified email address of the applicant).