General information

On this page, define the basic settings for the creation and processing of mailings as well as the framework parameters for the duration and the advertising pressure applied. Changes made will only have an effect on subsequent mailings.

Return point

Specify here at which point in the workflow of the last processed e-mail the user will find himself upon registration. The choices are:

- First page of the workflow

- Last edited page of the workflow


Define the maximum duration of a shipment. If the limit is exceeded, it is automatically archived, so that response data is only available in aggregated form. After the selected term has expired, not all reporting details are available.

Public spending

This section is about a URL that you can use to get an online version of your emails. Within the individual e-mailing reporting (eg under “Dispatches / E-Mailings / History”) you can specify whether an e-mailing is to be “archived” online in this way or whether it should be available. To do this, please open the "Dispatch settings" area in the emailing report:

Official Edition URL

Here you will find the URL for the e-mailing, which is shown as the current issue. Please note the two information texts:

  • By manipulating the number at the end, a chronologically older or more recent official edition can be obtained.
  • It is possible to filter the official editions by language. After defining the language in the single shipment reporting, the link parameter? Lang = de can be added to the URL. Instead of "de", any ISO-639-1 standardized language can be used.
  • Subsequent changes to this setting when an e-mail has been sent can take up to 30 minutes.

For detailed questions, please contact your Maileon service partner.


File size and attachment management

Here you can define the maximum sizes for your mailings and their attachments.

File size sending

You can choose between 50, 100, 200 or 500 kB.

File size attachment

Here you can choose between "any" as well as 500, 1000, 2000 or 5000 kB. Please note with both settings that larger e-mailings or attachments cause more traffic, which could possibly affect the costs!


Advertising print control

Here you define the maximum limit of the advertising pressure exerted, ie the maximum number of mailings that should be delivered over a defined period of time. The settings made here apply globally for this account. If you would like to activate this advertising print control, please mark the checkbox. 3 options are now displayed:

Upper limit

Here you can set the maximum number of e-mails per recipient in the selected time window. The options range from 1 to 10 emails.

Time window

Set the time window to which the entry in the "Upper limit" field should refer. The numbers 1-10 are available in the first selection list, and hours, days, weeks and months in the second selection list.

Checkbox "Include trigger and transaction emails in the advertising pressure control"

Specify here whether only regular e-mails or trigger and transaction e-mails should be recorded by the advertising print control. By clicking on the "Save settings" button, you can apply the settings made as usual.