General information

Here you can make optional settings for contact scoring. The scoring is displayed in an asterisk system, for example under "Lists & Contacts - Contact List" or in the contact details view. It provides information about the quality of the contact list at a glance, depending on the response generated and based on Maileon response values. The scoring only takes effect from three valid dispatches, as it would not be very meaningful with 1 or 2 dispatches.


Contact scoring based on Maileon response values (standard)

Score base

Here you can choose between open rate and click rate, depending on what the weighting of the score should be.

Maximum value

Here you can set the percentage from which 5 stars are awarded. You can choose from 30-100% in steps of ten. For example, if you enter the value 50 for the quality of a certain contact field, 2.5 stars at 50% maximum value would mean a 25% response rate for a contact.


Contact scoring based on a contact field

Here you can choose a contact field as a score base instead of the opening or click rate. Only contact fields of the type "integer" can be selected. It should be noted that certain contact filter rules can have a lasting effect on the scoring. Furthermore, the contact scoring based on Maileon response values is usually much more meaningful.

Bounce threshold

At this point you can define from how many% bounces a warning should be issued. The warning is displayed in the form of a content-related note (red exclamation mark) via mouseover. Values between 2 and 10% can be set.

List score threshold

Define the relative number of contacts with a valid contact score, from which an average score (list score) can apply to the result set of a contact filter. This threshold value indicates from how many contacts a realistic score can be assumed.