General information

The basic settings of the account can be defined on this page. Depending on the configuration of the account, these include the data export settings, existing webhooks and retargeting integrations. The data export settings allow you to define the standard formatting and elements of the data exports offered.

Data exports

Character set:

With the character set you can choose the formatting of your export file. You can choose from different UTF and ISO formats. With a click on the name, a dropdown menu opens where you can select your desired formatting.


The language lets you define the source language of your coding in the export file.

Data field separator :

Here you can define the separators for your export file. You can choose between a semicolon, a tap or a space as a separation.

Decimal separator:

Define the desired number of separators in the export file.

Activate escaping:

With this option, the formatting of the file is ensured.

Contact fields:

Define the desired contact fields for your export. You can choose from system-defined contact fields and user-defined contact fields. To accept the desired contact fields, mark the designation with a click. The selected mark then lights up in blue. To apply this for the export, click the right arrow. The selected contact field is then displayed in the “used in export file” tab.

Shipping information:

The dispatch information consists of response data about your contacts. In order to transfer this to the export file, please use the same procedure as in the point “Contact fields”

To save the settings, please click on the “Save Settings” button at the bottom left.