General information

In the “API Keys” area, all existing API keys for this account are listed. By clicking on the "Create new API key" button, you will get to the "API key management" menu, where the following settings can be made:


An internal term that optimally provides information about the purpose of the API key.


The selection consists of "active" or "inactive", depending on whether the key is currently in use.


A click on the input field or the calendar symbol opens a calendar in which an expiration date for the API key can be set or a date value that has already been set can be deleted:


The following rights can be linked to the API key:

- Creation right (C)

- Read right (R)

- Update right (U)

- right to delete (D)

Please mark the desired checkboxes. After clicking the button “Create API key v1”, the API key is created & saved. Now you can display the API key by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol and copy it.