General information

In the “Roles” area you can adjust the assigned roles and view the information available. The role overview shows all roles in the account. The “Role” column shows the names of the roles. In addition to the designation, you also have information about the type of role. If it is a “custom role”, this was created manually. A “system-defined” role is defined by Maileon as a standard role and therefore cannot be deleted. The "User" column : Shows the distribution of roles in the account, ie how many users there are per role. For more information or to change it, please click on one of the role names.


Creation of a role

To create a new role, please click the “+” symbol on the left above the navigation bar. You will then be taken to an overview in which you can specify the name, the selection of users for this account and the respective rights of the role.


Shows the name for the respective role. The 4 standard roles cannot be changed. A corresponding note is displayed here. You can also use the "Add role" button to create your own roles and then assign them to users.

Assigned users

Lists the users who already have the selected role. The “Add user” button calls up the menu of the same name, where you can assign the selected role to a user.

Definition of rights

Here you can see the assigned rights for this role in detail or, in the case of self-defined roles, make changes to them. In principle, all chapters and sub-items available in Maileon are listed here, whereby you can grant access to main or sub-menus for the role by ticking the respective checkbox. A role is therefore to be understood as a collection of individual access rights.

Rights enrichment

If you select this checkbox, the rights for the selected role will in future be automatically extended to include access to new modules. Save your selection by clicking on the "Settings" button. If you have already edited an existing role, any changes will be adopted for existing users.