General information

The important factor “opens” is evaluated here with regard to various criteria. In the standard view you will find 5 basic reports:


Open rate over time

Shows the development of the opening rate for the period in which you have sent so far. y-axis: opening rate, x-axis: temporal breakdown by months. This is where you can identify key trends in general interest in your emails.


Opens on time of day

Shows the time of day your e-mailings are opened. y-axis: number of openings, x-axis: time of day divided into hours. By default, 2 graphs are displayed: openings with stationary devices and openings with mobile devices. You can see the percentage of openings in which the device was detected in the detailed report under "Key figures" when you move the mouse pointer over the graph. This report is very useful if you want to adjust the sending time to the preferred opening habits of your recipients.


Opens over time

Shows in hours how many mails were opened in which period after sending. y-axis: openings (absolute), x-axis: hours after shipping. Here, too, 2 graphs are displayed for stationary and mobile devices.


Domain summary

This domain report supports the understanding of the domain structure within a distribution list as well as the identification of possible delivery problems. Each rectangle corresponds to a domain (e.g., the size of the rectangles is proportional to the number of e-mail addresses. The traffic light signals the response of the respective domain.


Open Summary

Shows the percentage for total opens (including multiple openers) in relation to the opening rate unique (i.e. how many recipients have opened at least once). Since multiple openings are included in the calculation, the percentage for the total openings can also be over 100. By mouseover over the columns, you can see these two values as well as the average number of openings per opener.