General information

Here you can gain valuable knowledge about the click behavior of your recipients.


Clicks on link keywords

When creating mailing content, you can add keywords (tags) to links so that they can be evaluated at this point later. A simple example would be an online shop with various product types on offer, where links can be provided with tags such as "shoes", "pants" etc. For example, you can quickly see which products were most popular in which period. The y-axis lists the link keywords, the x-axis the number of clicks. In the key figures area you will find a breakdown according to unique clicks and total clicks.


Click through rate over time

Shows the development of the click rate unique since the beginning of your mailings. The y-axis indicates the click rate, the x-axis shows the passage of time. In the "Key Figures" area you can also see the minimum and maximum values for the click rate.


Click-to-open rate over time

Analogous to the click rate over time, the development with regard to the CtO rate is shown here. You can also see the distribution on mobile and stationary devices under “Key figures”.


Clicks by time of day

Two graphs are displayed here, one for mobile and one for stationary devices. y-axis: number of clicks, x-axis: time of day in 1 hour intervals. The “Key Figures” area also shows the percentage of clicks with device recognition.


Clicks over time

This evaluation shows the number of clicks over time (hours after sending) for the selected e-mailings. y-axis: number of clicks, x-axis: hours after shipping. The two graphs represent openings with mobile and stationary devices. The “Key Figures” area also shows the percentage of clicks with device recognition.


Domain summary

The rectangles represent the sent email domains of your recipients in different colors with regard to the unique click rate. Under "Key figures" you will find the total click rate, unique click rate as well as the top 10 and top 100 domains on which your contacts are distributed.


3D click map

Here you can view the click distribution of your newsletter in full in 3D. Depending on the frequency, clicks are then displayed as a three-dimensional survey in the newsletter interface and show at a glance which links and newsletter areas were most successful. The report can be rotated and zoomed freely.


Click-to-open rate by device

Here you can see the CtO rate for the selected e-mailings for mobile and stationary devices. y-axis: CtO rate, x-axis: distribution on mobile or stationary (desktop). The evaluation provides information on whether your content is more relevant for users of mobile or stationary devices.


Click comparison by gender

This bar chart uniquely breaks down the click rate by gender (if relevant values are included in the corresponding contact fields). y-axis: your e-mailings, x-axis: scale for the number of clicks. By default, the clicks of male recipients are aligned to the left and the clicks of female recipients to the right, and the bars are color-coded.


Clicks on link keywords (tags)

This report shows the frequency of clicks on links, broken down according to defined keywords / tags. This report can be configured with regard to the number of displayed elements (Top 5, Top 10, Top 25), the click dimension (total clicks, unique clicks) and the display of a remaining segment. Furthermore, as usual, the filter options for dispatches and contacts are available.


Click summary

The click summary shows your e-mailings color-coded, a bar chart each for total click rate and unique click rate are displayed. y-axis: click rates, x-axis: division into total and unique. You can also see the average number of clicks per clicker in the “Key figures” area.