General information

Here you can call up various reports that are related to your contacts.


Operating system usage

This pie chart provides information about the operating system used to open your emails, e.g. Linux, iOS, Mac OS X, Android or Windows. The “unknown” segment is displayed for devices that could not be recognized. The segments are color-coded differently. In the “Key Figures” area you will also find the percentage of openings with mobile, stationary and tablet devices.


Email client distribution

Analogous to the diagram "Operating system usage", the different e-mail clients or webmailers that were used to open, e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, Applemail, etc. are shown here. stationary and tablet devices.


Contact inventory development

This area diagram shows the development of the number of contacts in your contact database. The y-axis shows the number of contacts, the x-axis the time course. The areas are color-coded to distinguish clickers, only openers, non-openers and unloaded contacts. The following values are displayed in the "Key Figures" area:

  • total number of contacts,
  • active contacts as well
  • "Of which with DOI" (contacts who have registered via a double opt-in procedure).


Age groups

If the relevant contact fields are filled with values, you can see a grading of your contact base according to age groups. It is a bar chart, with the y-axis showing age groups (at 4-year intervals) and the x-axis showing the absolute number of contacts. The "Key figures" area provides further information on the average age of your contacts, the number of contacts with age information (absolute and percentage), the number of contacts under 18 and over 60 years of age and the average age of male and female contacts.