General information

With the QR Code Generator, you can create QR ("Quick Response") codes to integrate into your e-mails. First a name must be entered and a content type selected. The possible content types are listed in the drop-down menu (e.g. appointments or contact information). After selecting the type, context-sensitive data can be entered (e.g. the exact date or the detailed contact information). You can then choose the code size, background and foreground color and, if desired, a label in the middle, provided that there is a corresponding element in your media library. If all the necessary information is available, the code can be generated by clicking on "Generate code".

You can then view the code as a graphic on the right side of the screen, followed by a text preview of the content. If the code is to be saved in your media library, please click on "Save code". The menu item “QR code generator” can also be found in the “Media & Templates / Tools” menu.