General information

The media library acts as a repository for your media items. These can be images, files (PDFs, etc.), QR codes, texts, articles, article templates or e-mailing templates. We differentiate between elementary media elements (image, text, file) and articles that contain this information / elements in the context of a layout, including structure and formatting options. You can organize the media elements in your account here. 2 folders are already available by default: Own folder with subordinate folders “Attachments, Images, QR Codes, Texts” Standard folderwith subordinate folders "Images" and "Texts". In the “Pictures” folder you will find a number of sub-folders, divided alphabetically according to categories (eg education or nature). Maileon has provided over 3,500 images for which there is a copyright. The "Texts" folder is divided into the sub-folders "Unsubscribe pages", "Registration pages", "DOI confirmation pages", "DOI mails", "Preheader" and "Welcome mails". Here you will find standard texts that can be used or modified as required. The folders can be opened and closed using the arrow symbols. Create a new folder: If you would like to create a new folder below an existing folder, please mark this folder and click on the plus symbol. In the following menu "Create folder" a name must be entered, then simply click on the "Create folder" button. Move media elements: After clicking on a folder, the media elements contained in it are displayed in the column to the right of the folder structure. Now you can simply drag and drop them into the desired folder. If you want to move all elements of a folder at once, please use the checkbox "all elements of this area" to mark it. You can also enter a search term in the box above the element view and use the two icons to the left of the search box to switch between list and gallery view. A preview of the element can also be called up by clicking on an individual media element. Here the element, a checkbox for marking, the name of the element, the size and the type (e.g. Processing bar: Info box "Media library" and folder structure: The 3 icons on the right-hand edge of the screen enable you to add a media element, make a copy and delete a selected element from left to right. Alternatively, you can click the "Add elements" button to add. The process itself is explained in the "Media upload" chapter.


The article library:

This is where you can import articles from your e-mailings, where they will be saved for future use. The “Article library” folder with the “Basic Elements” subfolder exists by default. Articles basically consist of image & text. These elements can be arranged in various structures. The “Basic Elements” folder already contains some of these basic structures, eg group structure, structure with 2 or 5 columns, etc. You can create further sub-folders in the same way as the media library. The export of articles from e-mailings is explained in more detail as part of the workflow for creating e-mails. You can find more detailed information on this in the chapter "Creating an e-mail".