Maileon can send e-mail over a subdomain of your corporate domain. Also the trackable links, images, online version of e-mails and all landing pages will be published on this subdomain. Your customer will always see your company domain in all URL's. In order to do this, a few DNS records have to be made in the DNS setup of the domain. Typically your IT or hosting partner can support you with this. We offer two different setup methods: a primary and an alternative method, both described on this page.


Primary setup method: Nameserver delegation

We prefer you to change the nameservers to our servers, so we can access and manage the settings on this specific subdomain. To realise this, the two nameservers below should be added to the DNS setup. As an example we use Of course "" should be your own domain, and "newsletter" can be anything of your choice. Like "mail", "e", "news", etc. IN NS IN NS


Please note: remove all other entries on the chosen subdomain to avoid any interference.


To check if the setup was done correctly, you can check the subdomain via


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Alternative setup method via CNAME

We recommend using nameserver delegation for easier implementation and better support. However if this method is not available due to specific technical or policy issues, we offer an alternative setup with CNAME records: IN CNAME IN CNAME IN CNAME


Please note that with the alternative (CNAME) setup, the responsibility to place and keep the correct DNS-records in place in the subdomain setup lies with the domain administrator in stead of Maileon.

Contact us if you have any questions about setting up your subdomain. For more information about setting up DNS records with major hosting providers, see this article on